Holiday villa in Morocco with private beach

Staying at a holiday villa in Morocco with a private beach allows guests to experience total relaxation while benefiting from many amenities.

That's what happens at the La Fiermontina Ocean, a property located directly by the sea on the northwest coast of Morocco. And among the hotel's pluses we find precisely the private beach, which can be used exclusively by guests of the facility.


Morocco, holiday villa with private beach and Beach Club

The beach is sandy and washed by crystal clear sea. Features that make the whole environment an optimal destination for all kinds of guests.

Adults can have fun swimming in the clean waters of the Atlantic Ocean, while the little ones will have the opportunity to amuse themselves in the water but also to play on the beach making castles and sports of all kinds.

The environment is complemented and enriched by the Beach Club at Fiermontina Ocean, which chromatically and stylistically fits perfectly into the setting. The Beach Club is with white curtains, bamboo tables, creels used as chandeliers. Here you can dine on typical salads and exquisite fresh grilled fish.


Morocco, a holiday villa with private beach

The presence of a private beach allows guests to spend vacations of total relaxation, to immerse themselves in a pleasant and peaceful environment after a day exploring the area, to discharge the toxins accumulated over time.

Relaxation and relaxation that then continue at the hotel with the exclusive services of the 5-star hotel, including the in-house restaurant with breathtaking views. A corner of good taste where you can discover authentic local flavors with traditional dishes made using high-quality ingredients.


Experience your Larache vacation in a holiday villa in Morocco with a private beach.

Choose La Fiermontina Ocean.