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Italian restaurant in Morocco

La Fiermontina Ocean's Italian Restaurant in Morocco is the perfect choice for those who want to feel at home while being away from home.

It is an authentic corner of taste set in the charm of Larache, in an enchanting naturalistic location.

Ocean Restaurant welcomes its guests in elegant and refined spaces, furnished in characteristic local style while winking at contemporary design.

Italian Restaurant in Morocco in Larache

The restaurant is an authentic reference point for Italians on vacation in Morocco and in general for all those who wish to enjoy the best dishes of the boot.

Executive chef Alessandro Pascali offers a cuisine that pays homage to our traditions through the revival of classic recipes and through the use of quality products.

The menu follows the progression of the seasons. Ingredients are carefully selected according to their availability to always ensure total taste and wholesomeness.

Sea and land dishes are offered, great classics such as spaghetti with tomato sauce or garlic oil and chili. There is also no shortage of pizza and characteristic Apulian dishes.

The Ocean Restaurant is a true bridge between Moroccan and Italian cultures.

In fact, the menu also features many Moroccan specialties from the family cooks, several varieties of couscous rich in spices, lamb tajine, and Harira soup made with meat, legumes and vegetables.

Italian restaurant in Morocco sea view

Much of the ingredients used by the chef and his brigade come directly from La Fiermontina Ocean's organic garden or from small local agricultural cooperatives.

It is always the territory that is the great protagonist in the selection of excellent raw materials, such as meat and fish, arriving practically at km 0.

The Ocean Restaurant is taste but it is also experience. This is all thanks to the location in which it is immersed: guests can lunch and dine in the large room with a fireplace and large windows or directly on the panoramic terrace, overlooking the Ocean and the sand dunes.

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