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Holiday villas by the sea in Morocco Larache 4
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Holiday villas by the sea in Morocco Larache

Spending your vacations in a holiday villa by the sea in Morocco Larache, means an experience of relaxation, fun, and the discovery of an enchanting and wild nature.

La Fiermontina Ocean offers all this to its guests because it is located directly on the Atlantic Ocean, in one of the most beautiful locations in the northwestern area of the country.

The hotel has elegant Suites and charming Family Villas overlooking the sea, only a few meters away.

Next to these are the exclusive Village Houses, completely made of stone, built respecting ancient techniques and embellished by the presence of fine handcrafted furniture and furnishings.


Morocco Larache, holiday villas by the sea

The Suites and Family Villas, as well as the restaurant and the entire hotel, overlook the sea, giving guests an absolutely breathtaking view.

The naturalistic location is among the most beautiful in the entire northwestern area of Morocco. Carving out a special mention is las Cuevas beach, one of the most beautiful in northern Morocco. It consists of sand and rocks and can only be reached on foot.

It is particularly wide and is washed by crystal-clear sea. It is a must-see destination for anyone who decides to vacation in Larache. Features, cleanliness of the beach and clarity of the water make it a must for all kinds of tourists, including families with children.


Morocco Larache, seaside holiday villas with restaurant

La Fiermontina Ocean further pampers its guests with its private beach.

The property has a space that can be used totally exclusively by its guests. In this way we will have the opportunity to relax in a paradisiacal oasis while enjoying all the services of the hotel, whose lobby is just a few meters from the sea.

A plus enriched by the presence of a Beach Club on the beach, a space in which to relax and enjoy grilled fish and typical salads at lunch.

The ambiance is young, typical and neat at the same time, with white curtains, bamboo tables, and fishermen's creels as chandeliers.


Experience your vacation in a holiday villas by the sea in Morocco in Larache.

Choose the seaside hotel La Fiermontina Ocean.